Unwanted fat is problematic regardless of where it sits on the body. In many cases, the amount of stubborn fat a person has does not call for liposuction. For individuals interested in eliminating mild to moderate fat storage in one or more areas of the body, CoolSculpting may be ideal. We are pleased to offer this noninvasive treatment in our Charlotte, NC office.

CoolSculpting Elite Q & A

CoolSculpting is an FDA-cleared medical device developed for the purpose of cryolipolysis. The device cools fat cells with precise technology that destroys unwanted fat without affecting superficial tissue or other cells. This is possible because fat freezes more quickly than other cells, allowing the CoolSculpting device to target fat safely and effectively.
CoolSculpting works by freezing the fat cells in your trouble area until they’re so damaged, your body can’t repair them. Then over the next three to five months, they’re converted to waste and naturally eliminated through your urine and waste.
CoolSculpting offers a number of benefits, including:
  • Nonsurgical, noninvasive body contouring
  • Short treatment sessions
  • No downtime
  • Lasting results
  • Natural fat reduction
CoolSculpting offers a number of benefits, including:
  • Nonsurgical, noninvasive body contouring
  • Short treatment sessions
  • No downtime
  • Lasting results
  • Natural fat reduction
CoolSculpting can be beneficial for people who are near their ideal body weight but are bothered by a small amount of fat in one or more areas. There are several areas of the body that are resistant to fat loss with diet and exercise, including the abdomen, thighs, backs of the arms, back/bra area, and under the chin. Adults who are in good general health and are not pregnant can undergo CoolSculpting to achieve their cosmetic goals.
CoolSculpting targets pockets of fat that accumulate in specific parts of the body. Dr. Gear uses CoolSculpting to treat the following areas:
  • Submental fat (double chin)
  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Abdomen and flanks
  • Bra fat and back fat
  • Underneath the buttocks
  • Upper arms
Although this procedure may help sculpt your ideal physique, fat reduction is not the same as weight loss.
Studies find that CoolSculpting reduces fat in the treated areas by about 20% in most adults. Of course, individual results may vary. Lifestyle factors such as getting regular exercise and eating a healthy diet may contribute to additional fat loss.
CoolSculpting treatments are conducted in a private treatment room. The patient is dressed for their procedure but will need to adjust clothing so the cooling panels can be applied to the skin.

Before applying the device applicator, a gel liner is placed over the skin. The applicator is then applied directly over the liner. When the device is turned on, the targeted tissue is immediately suctioned into the cooling panels. The device is then adjusted to the target temperature. Panels gradually reach the precise temperature at which fat cells develop crystals. After the allotted treatment time, the panels and gel liner are removed and the tissue that has been treated is massaged to break up the fat cells that have clumped together within the cooling panels.

Immediately after treatment is complete, the skin will look red and will feel numb or tingly. These sensations can last several days but are not described as uncomfortable. The results of CoolSculpting treatment are not immediately noticeable. The body first identifies treated cells as damaged. This is due to the crystals that form within them. Damaged cells are then targeted for removal through the lymph system. To help the process along, patients are encouraged to drink plenty of water each day.
There is virtually no recovery to speak of when discussing CoolSculpting. Patients can resume normal activities right away and need not follow and exercise or dietary guidelines to help them recover, other than maintaining optimal water consumption. The side effects of treatment are typically limited to temporary redness, tingling, a numb sensation, tenderness, and mild aching. Patients may experience some or all of these side effects in the few weeks after CoolSculpting sessions.
There are very few risks associated with CoolSculpting. Complications are rare and side effects are usually mild. Though uncommon, there is a risk that fat cells could grow larger as a result of CoolSculpting treatment. This phenomenon is referred to as paradoxical adipose hyperplasia. It is not considered a medical problem but can lead to dissatisfying cosmetic results that may require liposuction to correct body contours.
CoolSculpting treatment is not painful, even the massage that takes place after cooling panels are removed. As tissue cools at the beginning of the procedure, patients may feel tingling or a mild cramping sensation. These normally last no more than a few minutes because freezing temperature causes the nerves in the treatment area to go numb. Numbness continues for the duration of the procedure.
The cost of CoolSculpting is determined based on the size of the desired treatment area, the number of areas that are treated, and the number of treatment sessions that are necessary to achieve the desired outcome. Your provider in our Charlotte office will perform a consultation and physical examination to assist them in developing the ideal treatment plan for your needs.

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“Highly recommend coming here for CoolSculpting! Emily is the best! It’s been a few months since I had it done and I’ve seen such great results. The process is super easy and Emily is so great at explaining everything and making you feel comfortable. If you’ve been on the fence about trying it, I’m telling you to go for it!” – Jen Jones


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“If you’ve been on the fence about trying it, I’m telling you to go for it! Highly recommend coming here for Coolsculpting! Emily is the best!”

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